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How to deal with bad food service

There is a direct correlation between my hunger level at my patience level when I’m waiting for my food at the restaurant.   The longer I’m hungry, the faster my patience runs out.  If the kitchen is busy and the food comes out slow, I do somewhat understand and wait. However, when there is a factor of bad service from the server involved is out of sheer ignorance and rudeness, it is something I can’t stand. I still have one grudge against the restaurant called Lazia, located in North side of Edmonton. In the past, I had always liked the place for good food and good service. However, this one experience had totally changed my mind and it was the last time I ever set foot in that place. We waited almost 2 hours for our food to arrived. Our patience pretty much ran out when we found out that they had forgotten our orders. The manager did come and talk to us, but blamed it on the busy kitchen instead. During the wait, I had asked a random server for a new bread that isn’t burnt since our server was nowhere to be found. Once that server told our waitress what I said, our server stopped serving us and kept sending someone else instead. Then, when the food finally arrived, it was extremely awful and overcooked. When we asked for the bill, our waitress who saw us waved her over, still sent someone else instead. I was extremely pissed at the service and at the food. At the time, I was angry beyond words and wanted to leave that I didn’t bother speaking to the manager regarding the experience. After I calmed down, I wish I did. So those of you who have been in my shoes, here’s a list of how to handle bad food service experience.

Step 1
Keep in mind that you, the customer, are always right. Note that anyone who thinks you are wrong should read the prior sentence.

Step 2
Send back food that is either undercooked, overcooked, too cold or not fresh. Remember that a problem with your food may not be your waiter’s fault; be polite, and give your waiter the opportunity to fix the problem.

Step 3
Send back wine that does not meet with your requirements. Return any wine that you did not order.

Step 4
Complain to the manager or owner, during or after the meal, if the waiter gave consistently shoddy service.

Step 5
Take your money elsewhere if the restaurant doesn’t adhere to your demands.

Step 6
As a last resort, write a letter to the local newspaper that reviews the restaurant.



Neat article on Izakayas (japanese tapa joints) in Vancouver

Izakaya, known to me as a joint that serves japanese tapas and beer, has been a popular staple amongst Vancouver locals for quite a few years now.  Its reputation and popularity with visitors coming in the sample the much talked about menu has also grown immensely.  As more Izakayas open up, Japanese tapas are becoming like Dim sum but for dinner, instead of brunch.  I stumbled across an article about Vancouver Izakayas on which has a good overview and listing of Izakayas in Vancouver area, covering famous ones such as Guu and Gyoza King.  If you love japanese cuisine and never been to an Izakaya, I recommend going to Guu on Robson.  It offers a unique experience with their chaotic yet upbeat atmosphere, and most importantly, their cocaine-for-your-palette tapas.

Read the article here.

Pictures taken @ Guu, Aberdeen Centre, Richmond BC

Okonomiyaki (japanese pizza)

Tuna mousse to be wrapped with nori

Beef Carpacio

Good eats in Vancouver

I’ll update this post often as I go to Vancouver a lot , solely for the food.

Wo Fung Dessert Aberdeen Centre, Richmond, BC

I was extremely heartbroken when Little Bean which had the crispiest and juiciest fried chicken wings no longer serve chicken.

Then, I heard rumours that the best fried chicken wings are at the food court and Aberdeen Centre.  It took me a couple trips before I found where this joint was located.  Finally, one day when as I was making another hunt for chicken wings I came across something peculiar.  While other food joints were waiting for one customers to come and order, only one had a lineup of about 10 people.  I quickly observed to see what people are ordering and behold, fried chicken wings are flying out of the kitchen.  It seemed to be the only thing patrons are ordering from Wo Fung Dessert.  I think the “Dessert” part is what threw me off  and why I never found this hidden treasure.  Anywho, I took one bite of the freshly fried wings and I think one single tear of joy came out.  It was crispy, juicy and the skin and the meat are perfectly seasoned and marinated.  There’s tons of flavour but not over powering and you can just taste a hint of ginger.

Frappe Bliss

If you walk a few steps over across the food court you will find a shop called Frappe Bliss which offers all different kinds of shaved ice dessert.  It may sound too simple but their secret ingredient lies in the shaved ice which is made of milk, a combination fresh ingredients and milk, or yogurt.  The texture of the shaved ice is very smooth, almost velvet and has creamy flavour.  Aside from the different flavoured shaved ice you can also pick different toppings to go on the dessert.  It’s very different from all the other shaved ice desserts and extremely refreshing even after a full meal.  I didn’t find their website having a lot of information but you can click here to see their selections and reviews.

Read more…

Maximizing your blackberry battery life

I stumbled upon several sites regarding possible causes for blackberry battery drain and tips on how to maximize your battery life. Hope it’s helpful to many out there.

Here are some ways to Maximizing blackberry battery life and another site specifically for 8900.

From reading the forums and my own past experience, I find that the common causes for battery drain for cellphones and Itouch in general, include operating multiple applications, using internet (WIFI, EDGE) and using bluetooth.

Heal your heels!!

The heel of your feet get the most stress from everyday activity; whether it’s the type of restricting shoes you wear, standing on your feet all day, or the cold dry spell of winter.  Overtimes, the skin develops callus, becomes cracked and blistering.  If you suffering from old lady cracked heel syndrome, worry no more! Dr. Scholl’s Callus Remover cream exfoliates dead skin right off, leaving you with newly exposed skin.  Sorta gross scrubbing off dead skin….. but the end result is quite impressive.  After, use Dr. Scholl’s Pedicure Essentials Ultra Overnight foot cream.  Not only is it good for your feet, but great for other dry areas such as hands knees and elbows as well.  If you are looking to transform those dead looking hoves, into baby soft skin, the combination of those creams are perfect essentials!  They are available in any drugstore for the callus remover and so they are great for your feet AND your wallet!

Guide to Planning a Stagette (Bachelorette Party)
One of the most important duties of the Maid of Honour is to plan the Stagette otherwise known as a Bachelorette Party. This is the female version of the Male Stag party

BoA feat. Sean Garrett!

though dance moves are taken from most legendary icons, the song is deliciously addictive.

I’m diggin this!