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Lost Finale: They’re all dead

May 23, 2010

The concept reminds me of the movie “Passengers” starring Anne Hathaway.

Jack (Matthew Fox) was told near the end in the so-called alternate universe by his equally dead father Christian (John Terry), “Everything that has ever happened to you is real … there is no ‘now’ here … this is the place you all made together so you could find one another … the most important part of your life was the time you spent (on the island) with these people (who are waiting for Jack in a church) … you needed all of them and they needed you.”

Events in the two Lost worlds from the final season – the world of the island and the alternate universe on the mainland – edged toward their ultimate melding.

More and more of the alternate-universe people started to have memories of the island, and old friends popped up left, right and centre. We admit, we teared up a little when Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) and Claire (Emilie de Ravin) remembered each other, right after Claire had a baby (yes, again). Same thing when Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) remembered each other, minus the baby.

On the island, Jack – the new official protector of the place – stared down the bad guy – the Smoke Monster/Man in Black, inhabiting Locke’s body (Terry O’Quinn). Locke gave Jack a verbal shot, calling him “a bit of an obvious choice.” That clearly was some self-deprecating humour from the creators of the show.

Locke sought to destroy the island. Jack sought to destroy Locke. But they both knew Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) was key, so they lowered him into the underground cave with the flowing water and the bright yellow light.

The ultimate source of that light looked a little like a hot tub in a cheesy Las Vegas theme hotel, didn’t it? Be that as it may, Desmond mucked it up and we waited to see what the consequences would be.

Locke – now physically vulnerable – and Jack ran at each other on the cliff, Kung Fu-style. Locke stabbed Jack in the gut, but Kate (Evangeline Lilly) shot Locke in the back. Jack kicked Locke off the cliff, killing him, but not before Locke said, “You’re too late.”

The island seemed to be destroying itself.

Jack realized he had to turn back on whatever it was that Desmond turned off. Ben (Michael Emerson) and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) decided to go with Jack.

Jack and Kate had their moment on the cliff, though, swapping declarations of love. Jack needed to sacrifice himself to turn the light back on, leaving Hurley to be the new Jack, who was the new Jacob.

In the alternate universe, Jack was the last one to come around. It all comes back to his father’s funeral. He touches his father’s coffin and finally remembers everything.

Including the fact that he died, too.

From the Toronto Sun


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