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My encounter with 2PM

February 6, 2010

So I was meeting up with a friend at Siam Paragon in Bangkok when we heard screaming coming from upstairs.  Thinking that it was probably some weekend show spectacle, we really didn’t pay attention.  After leaving the mall, I noticed girls in school uniforms running frantically in groups.  We couldn’t help but be curious of what the heck are they running for? where are they going? Since we had time to kill, we decided to follow them.  Unfortunately, they were too fast, Siam square is too big. So we just let it go.  Couple hours later, we ended up at MBK mall.  Around 5 pm, I decided to go to the Patumwan Princess hotel which is connected to MBK mall.  I never stop at this hotel except to come for dinner with my parents.  There, I notice a crowd of teenage girls forming and security guards from the hotel swarmed the perimeter.  So this is where those girls ended up! I asked one of the girls “WHO ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? WHAT IS GOING ON??”  She replied “2PM is coming out of this hotel any minute now”.  I know what 2PM is, one of the most popular boy band sensation of Asia right now so again, I decided to kill time with them too.  I managed to sneak into the hotel being all coy but chickened out at the sight of 30 or more tight security inside. So me and my friend decided to chill outside instead.  About an hour later, the group were leaving the hotel, which took about 5 seconds… The crowd went nuts. I don’t usually follow celebs around but if the opportunity comes, might as well wait n see. And here is the result.

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  1. Not quite A Hard Days Night! That area is always full of school kids. Funny.

  2. Annie permalink

    With all those girls in school uniforms distracting everyone it was probably pretty easy to sneak by. You should have went for it,

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