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How to deal with bad food service

December 3, 2009

There is a direct correlation between my hunger level at my patience level when I’m waiting for my food at the restaurant.   The longer I’m hungry, the faster my patience runs out.  If the kitchen is busy and the food comes out slow, I do somewhat understand and wait. However, when there is a factor of bad service from the server involved is out of sheer ignorance and rudeness, it is something I can’t stand. I still have one grudge against the restaurant called Lazia, located in North side of Edmonton. In the past, I had always liked the place for good food and good service. However, this one experience had totally changed my mind and it was the last time I ever set foot in that place. We waited almost 2 hours for our food to arrived. Our patience pretty much ran out when we found out that they had forgotten our orders. The manager did come and talk to us, but blamed it on the busy kitchen instead. During the wait, I had asked a random server for a new bread that isn’t burnt since our server was nowhere to be found. Once that server told our waitress what I said, our server stopped serving us and kept sending someone else instead. Then, when the food finally arrived, it was extremely awful and overcooked. When we asked for the bill, our waitress who saw us waved her over, still sent someone else instead. I was extremely pissed at the service and at the food. At the time, I was angry beyond words and wanted to leave that I didn’t bother speaking to the manager regarding the experience. After I calmed down, I wish I did. So those of you who have been in my shoes, here’s a list of how to handle bad food service experience.

Step 1
Keep in mind that you, the customer, are always right. Note that anyone who thinks you are wrong should read the prior sentence.

Step 2
Send back food that is either undercooked, overcooked, too cold or not fresh. Remember that a problem with your food may not be your waiter’s fault; be polite, and give your waiter the opportunity to fix the problem.

Step 3
Send back wine that does not meet with your requirements. Return any wine that you did not order.

Step 4
Complain to the manager or owner, during or after the meal, if the waiter gave consistently shoddy service.

Step 5
Take your money elsewhere if the restaurant doesn’t adhere to your demands.

Step 6
As a last resort, write a letter to the local newspaper that reviews the restaurant.


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