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Save your time and money, don’t see Criss Angel Believe

March 1, 2009

So I went to check out Criss Angel Believe feat. cirque du soleil at Lux, Las Vegas last week.  After hearing about all the negative reviews prior, he was the 3rd choice after we learned Lance Burton tickets were sold out and David Copperfield was on vacation.  I guess in a way we were curious to see how bad it could be and telling ourselves that “nahhhh it couldn’t be THAT bad…”

Our seats were assigned on the last row but since the theater was half filled they moved us up to the middle row (already a grim sign).  All I have to say that from the beginning to the end, sitting through the show was almost unbearable.  The jokes are unfunny and actually annoying and cheesy. There’s no storyline if there was one it was hella confusing and irrelevant. They could’ve made better use of cirque du soleil acrobats instead of making them dance most of the time.  I felt like I was watching ABDC.  The worst part has to be the magic. SO DISAPPOINTING. As he “descends”, you see him take off jacket w/ strings hooked on to it. There is a part where he is fighting a monster or some sort and you actually can see when he goes backstage to switch into the monster costume… Overall, the show might be good for young kids but for anyone else who’d seen better things in life, this show did not take to any level at all.

I regret going to see that show, regret having second thoughts, and wanted my one hour and a half of my life back.  I mean, they HAVE to know the show is not doing well, any idiot could figure that.  I liked the concept but the missed the boat on everything after that.  Why not make changes? improve on showing better tricks? incorporating cirque du soleil people into the tricks more instead of making them backup dancers and dumb annoying clowns.  There are so many ways this could be improved but no one seems to want to do it.


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