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When was the last time you were inspired?

December 25, 2008

Inspiration is not something you can make happen everyday.  Even great minds find themselves going in circles.  Artists find themselves losing their creativity, and writers have writer’s block.  When your life becomes a routine, it is more difficult to find a new meaning the environment you are in each day.  Yet, when inspiration happens, it may come from the most simple form you couldn’t imagine.  For me, I have been fortunate enough to have been inspired twice in this past month; from having lunch with a co-worker, and from watching a tv show.

I have always wanted to do something grand in my life.  After a casual conversation with a co-worker, I started to admire his diligence and somehow persuaded that, with hard work, I, too, can accomplish what he did.  After lunch, I felt a push or a drive in me that keeps motivating me to go forward.  I feel like I have another goal to set and I am in control (and the sooner I start, the better).

The second inspiration came over me after watching a documentary about a bhuddist monk who helps the less-fortunate children who are struggling to survive.  The monk encourages and provides spiritual support as the children from poor rural areas struggle to survive.  Helping those who need it the most and making a difference for these people would be more rewarding than any high paying job.

When you become inspired, it can be a start of something wonderful, fulfilling, or even life-changing either for you or someone else.  Oprah keeps a grattitude list, adding a list of things that inspire you would also definitely give you a whole new meaning of life.


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