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Dairy: more harmful than beneficial?

December 4, 2008

Dairy’s popularity has been due to its widely publicized nutritional benefits.  Calcium found in milk is essential in helping promoted the developement of healthy bone and teeth in children. Although there aren’t many health benefits for adults, there is still an overconsumption of dairy.  There are some disadvantages of dairy which would lead to severe health problems. 

Fatness and heart attacks: Lets start with the first obvious ones.  Consuming high amounts of dairy leads to accumulated saturated fats depositing in your circular system.  Fatty foods are palatable which make us want to consume more.  Eventually, this would lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.   

Calcium and Osteoporosis: Phosphorus found in animal protein inhibits the absorption of calcium. Excessive intake of dairy would prohibit calcium absorption. High protein diet and low absorption of calcium in blood also results in formation of kidney stones.

To receive adequate quantities of calcium, we all should consume calcium-rich supplements on a regular basis. These supplements have no side effects and are known to provide many health benefits. Especially the ones made with coral calcium that are easier to absorb than others and prevent many illnesses including depression in women, kidney stones, muscle cramps, PMS, and frequent headaches (Gibb).

Allergy and skin inflammation: Many people in the world are found to be having sensitivity to various dairy products and exhibit to have experienced many symptoms that incorporate flatulence or gas, diarrhoea, skin rashes and exhaustion after their taking any milk or soy or other dairy products. It is also known that usually the adverse affects to any foods my not exhibit the symptoms immediately after the food is consumed (

Skin inflammation is also commonly linked to an allergy to dairy products. If you are suffering from a skin disorder, try to eliminate dairy from your diet for one month and see if the condition improves.

Degenerative disease. There is a considerable amount of scientific data  linking cancer, particularly breast cancer, to a dairy-containing high fat diet. 

Toxins: Some cows are fed antibiotics or grass that contains pesticides.  Some are also subjected to hormone treatment to speed up their growth.  The harmful chemicals are in the milk and gets passed through to the human body.  There are also bacteria that can contaminate the milk that can lead to fatality in huamans as in the case of China.

In North America, the dairy industry, the government, and the media play a major role in advertising dairy consumption to the public.  I’m not implying that dairy should completely be eliminated from the diet, but perhaps greatly reducing the intake of dairy would promote a healthier, more balanced diet.

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