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Dancing Dan update

December 3, 2008

When he was briefly interviewed by the Bounce 91.7 djs this morning, Dancing Dan claims that he is taking the ticket to Court for an appeal.  Fight your rights Dancing Dan!!  If dancing is a distraction, what about having billboards, picket signs, n other crap along the road? Seems quite unfair.

Do you feel Dancing Dan should be allowed to dance on street corners?

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  1. Terry McRobb permalink

    What a bunch of bullies, the only distraction is the jerks who gave him a fine.

  2. bizboxjj permalink

    What? Dancing Dan just got charged $400 for dancing in Spruce Grove – So lame!

  3. Danielle permalink

    Loved his dancing!He made my husband and I smile,but…. He got angry at people watching and started fingering people while dancing. He hid it in his dance moves though! I think he is just saying “screw you to society” not just doing what he loves.Is he on welfare? No matter how much we like his dancing, are we paying for it? He is young and able to get a job.How about dancing at a nighgtclub for money?

  4. Heather permalink

    Ok think about this… someone is in a bad mood having a bad day is upset and being reckless when driving and all of a sudden Dan appears out of no where this persons spirits are lifted… for dancing dan doesnt cause accedents he prevents them…
    he does what most people dont have the courage to do…

    he knows what living really is…

  5. Sandee permalink

    People can be so cruel!! This young man is NOT on welfare for your information. Leave him alone, quit with your rude comments and throwing things at him. Let him dance!!! Spruce Grove must have something more important for the RCMP to do!! Come on people, think next time he brings a smile to you!!! I know Dan, and he is a very personable young person, maybe some people out there could learn from him!!! Keep on dancing Dan!!!!!

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