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If you want sushi and bubble tea at the same time….

December 1, 2008

..and you live in Edmonton, Teriyaki Corner at Hampton Market on 199 st. (passed Henday) offers a good selection of sushi, maki rolls, rice bowls, and other appies.  Even though it is a fast food style (Tokyo Express alike), I was impressed by spicy salmon rolls, and more impressed with curry rice bowl and pork cutlet.  It’s only place in Edmonton that offers the latter dish.  Not only as it’s a good price but you get to sit on a giant swing that’s a part of the booth.  Edmonton needs more places like this one.

 If you head towards Richmond, BC, I would have recommended you to Suishaya for all you can eat Japanese food 3 years ago before it turned to shit.  Instead, I found Banzai.  Their rolls NEVER EVER disappoint me.  I cannot say the same about their (frozen) sashimi. The price point is super low which reflects why their fish is not kept fresh. I asked the waiter to bring me unfrozen pieces of sashimi and he replied “They’re all the same. We cannot serve it once it is thawed.” It makes sense because bacteria grows faster rate at room temperature.  I was puzzled with what to make of the rest of the frozen fish and I had never received that kind of response before. Yet, I always go back for more for their cheap and super huge sized rolls with loads of fillings.  The sashimi pieces are almost fillet size.  You pay for what you get and I am thoroughly content with them.  Yummy for 5 dolla!!



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